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cropdata is orchard management software created in New Zealand by qualitycrops, a business formed in 2003 to provide support and management services to NZ kiwifruit growers. Using our extensive experience in managing kiwifruit orchards, we developed cropdata, a crop management software customised for kiwifruit growers in the New Zealand market.

The crop management system provides growers and key stakeholders with access to past financial and crop data to help make informed and insightful decisions about their kiwifruit orchards.

Seeing and understanding key financial data such as costs per item, per tray or hectare; budget forecasts and expenses; crop nutrition and performance – it all helps make sense of what’s succeeding in your orchard – and where there is room for improvement.

cropdata lets you control crop events, budgeting and strategic planning all from one online location. Now you can gain key insights into your orchards from home and away.

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Kiwifruit Orchard Management
Kiwifruit Orchard

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